Doctoral studies

Doctoral studies last three years and upon completion students acquire 480 ECTS points as well as the title of a DOCTOR OF ECONOMIC SCIENCES, or DOCTOR OF SCIENCES in INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERING/ENGINEERING MANAGEMENT .

Conditions for enrolment in these studies imply the previously completed undergraduate and master’s studies as well as the acquired 300 ECTS points.

The main characteristics of the study programme are the following:
  • Courses last one semester;
  • A corresponding number of ECTS points are established for each course, depending on the amount of work necessary to master the course content. The total number of ECTS points by semester is 30 and by year 60, namely, 180 ECTS points for three years of studies;
  • A favorable balance is established relative to the number of lectures and research activities in such a way that out of the total active teaching load lectures comprise more than 25%;
  • Students have research activities for the purpose of choosing their doctoral dissertation topic and literature overview in the first semester; throughout other semesters there are research activities on doctoral dissertation preparation, research data examination and analysis as well as formulating and writing the dissertation. The activities of completing and defending the doctoral dissertation are worth 70 ECTS points;
  • Students are required to complete and publish two scientific papers which carry 15 ECTS points in total on the Engineering Management in Agri-Business study programme, that is, two scientific papers which, together with theoretical bases, carry 30 ECTS points in the Business Economics study programme;
  • Out of the total number of courses, there are three compulsory courses which are worth 30 ECTS points in total and five elective courses, which students choose out of the ten offered, worth 50 ECTS in total;
  • The realization of the study programme is entrusted to eminent experts with rich academic/scientific experience.

Teaching is conducted in small groups and through mentor work, by establishing direct contact between students and their professors, emphasizing individual development of students, teamwork, development of interpersonal skills, acquisition of scientific knowledge and the use of modern technology.

Three programs of doctoral studies are realized at the Faculty of Economics and Engineering Management:

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