Economic-Legal Studies of the European Union

Master’s programme in Economic-Legal Studies of the European Union is developed in cooperation with the University of Szeged and it is a new and unique programme in Serbia. This programme is based on the needs of developmental flow of modern society and it is placed in the framework of the current process of Serbia’s accession to the EU. The study programme is created in such a way that it can serve certain goals related to national strategy and policy as well as to widen the spectrum of potential opportunities for employment in Serbia and the EU.

Through their professional development, students become prepared to get involved in national as well as international trends and tendencies. This programme deals with the improvement and development of the existing knowledge in the area of economics, law and political science, considering the fact that specificities of application of these sciences in the European Union are examined. Upon completing this programme, students become competent experts in the area of European integrations, capable of dealing with numerous legal, economic and political issues as well as to resolve various problems related to the EU in their country.

Study programme curriculum

Master in Economic - Legal Studies of the European Union

 Course TitleSemesterECTS
1. Scientific Research Methods I 7
2. Economics of European Integrations I 8
3. European Union Law I 8
4. Elective course 1 I 7
Student chooses one subject from the list:
* European Integrations and Regional Policies
* European System of Human Rights
* Political System of European Union
5. Elective course 2 II 7
Student chooses one course from the list:
* Monetary and Fiscal Policy of European Union
* Agricultural Policy of European Union
* Economic Globalization and Modern Society
6. Elective course 3 II 7
Student chooses one subject from the list:
* Trade and Competence Improvement in European Union
* Right of Environmental Protection in European Union
* Higher Education in Europe
7. Practical work/Internship II 1
8. Research Study II 5
9. Master’s Thesis II 10
Total number of ECTS points 60

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