Undergraduate academic studies

Undergraduate academic studies last four years and upon completion students earn a total number of 240 ECTS points and the following degrees: BACHELOR OF ECONOMIC SCIENCES, BACHELOR OF MANAGEMENT, BACHELOR OF ECOLOGY and BACHELOR OF INFORMATICS.

Enrollment requirements include the previously completed four years of secondary school and passed entrance exam.

The main characteristics of undergraduate academic studies are:
  • Courses last one semester;
  • Total number of lectures and practical classes per week is 20;
  • There is a nice balance between lectures and practical classes in a week, as well as in a semester; namely, there is at least 50% of lectures;
  • Each course carries a certain number of ECTS points/credits, depending on the amount of effort and work (study hours) which a student has to invest in order to meet the specific course requirements;
  • Total number of ECTS points per semester is 30, per academic year: 60, whereas for all four academic years - the total number of ECTS points is 240;
  • There are a number of elective courses in the second, third and fourth year, which contribute to the quality of study programs;
  • Internship is organized in the 6th semester, lasting 45 hours and worth 1 ECTS point in the study programs Business Economics and Finance and International Economics and Economic Diplomacy. For the study program Engineering Management in Biotechnology, it is worth 3 ECTS points, while in the study program Ecology, there is the mandatory field work in each academic year of udergraduate studies in the spring semester;
  • At the end of the fourth year, students have to write a final or diploma paper, which is worth 7 ECTS points in study programs: Business Economics and Finance and International Economics and Economic Diplomacy, and 10 ECTS points in the study programs Engineering Management in Agribusiness and Ecology;
  • Study programs are administered by renowned academics and professionals, with rich experience in academic and/or business life.

Upon completion of undergraduate studies, students become competent and skilled intellectuals, who have a wide variety of employment opportunities and options for the improvement of the quality of their lives, as well as continuous professional development.

Five undergraduate study programs are currently offered at the Faculty of Economics and Engineering Management in Novi Sad:

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