Business Economics and Finance

Master’s programme in Business Economics and Finance is designed in accordance with the Law on Higher Education and Bologna Declaration. Its main objective is to provide comprehensive and quality education as well as to enable young specialists to successfully perform business activities and solve problems in the field of business economics and finance. Special emphasis is placed on providing students with highly specialised knowledge in the domain of corporate finance and financial risk management, with the opportunity for students to specialize in the field of financial law, strategic marketing, innovation management, business intelligence or international business.

Master’s programme in Business Economics and Finance study presents students with most significant elements of contemporary financial business, thus enabling them to improve the knowledge acquired during undergraduate academic studies. By completing the study programme, the students will become qualified for conducting highly professional activities in the domain of business economics, primarily in the area of finance, as well as for continuation of education in doctoral studies.

Master academic studies last for 1 year and are worth 60 ECTS points. By completing the study programme Master in Business Economics and Finance, students will be conferred the academic title of a Master of Economics. Upon completing these studies, students may proceed with doctoral studies which last three years.

Teaching is conducted in small groups and through mentor work, by establishing direct contact between students and professors. The emphasis is placed on stressing individual, creative development of students, teamwork, acquiring appropriate theoretical and practical knowledge and using modern technology. Visits of economic experts also contribute to the quality of teaching process.

Study programme curriculum

Master in Business Economics and Finance

 Course TitleSemesterLecturesPractical classesResearchECTS
1. Scientific Research Methods I 2 3 - 6
2. Corporate Finance I 3 2 - 8
3. Elective course 1 I 3 2 - 8
4. Elective course 2 I 3 2 - 8
Student chooses two courses from the list:
* International Business
* Financial Law
* Strategic Marketing
* Innovations Management 
* Business Intelligence
* Business Logistics
5. Financial Risk Management II 3 2 - 8
6. Research Study II - - 15 5
7. Master’s Thesis II - - - 17
Total number of ECTS points 60

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