Distance Studies – DLS


Continuously following innovations and global trends in education, Faculty of Economics and Engineering Management spent several months working on the design and implementation of a system for distance learning - DLS (Distance Learning System). Being a proactive institution focused on continuous development and implementation of modern educational trends, Faculty of Economics and Engineering Management in Novi Sad successfully accredited distance learning for two study programs: Business Economics and Finance and International Economics and Economic Diplomacy.

Distance learning provides our students with the opportunity to study at the Faculty of Economics and Engineering Management, regardless of their place of residence and location. Students have multimedia lectures and exercises at their disposal all the time. They also have access to electronic reading materials necessary in preparation for exams, which is particularly helpful for students who work alongside with studies and are unable to attend regular classes. Hence, our students from, for example, Belgrade, Leskovac, Požarevac, Kruševac and other cities throughout Serbia, as well as those from abroad - can now continue living, working and studying in their hometowns, without having to move. With our DLS program, out students can develop a successful academic career while still working on their professional career, thanks to the software package called MOODLE, which is currently the most popular DLS platform in the world, due to its flexibility and user-friendly characteristics.

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