Study program Informatics has been designed in accordance with the Law on Higher Education and Bologna Declaration. Its main objective is to provide comprehensive and quality education, as well as to prepare generations of young professionals for successful business and/or academic careers in the field of informatics and computer science.

Another important objective of the study program “Master of Informatics” is to provide students with competencies and skills needed for employment in various organizations engaged in software design and development and application of the latest software systems. Special emphasis is placed on acquiring knowledge from the field of architecture, program support, inter-computer communication and algorythms, as well as development of platforms and systems needed for real-time business operations. The idea is to educate a group of young professionals, highly skilled and responsible, ready to work in the industrial sector, banking, tele-communications, media etc., while also preparing them for work in primary and secondary schools. Last, but not the least important aim of this program is to prepare students for further academic development, especially in the form of doctoral studies.

Master academic studies last 1 year and are worth 60 ECTS points. Upon completion of the study program Informatics, students are conferred the academic degree of a MASTER of INFORMATICS, after which students can continue with doctoral studies which last 3 years.

Teaching is carried out in small groups where students work in direct contact with their teachers and mentors. Emphasis is put on individual development of students, creativity, teamwork, practical knowledge and use of modern technology. Occasional visits of experts in the field of ecology and environmental protection also contribute to the quality of lecturing.

Study programme curriculum

Master in Informatics

 Course TitleSemesterECTS
1. Software design I 7
2. Tools and Methods of Software Engineering I 7
3. Elective course 1 I 8
Student chooses one subject from the list:
* Modeling and Optimization of Business Processes
* Programing of Mobile Applications
* Information Security
4. Elective course 2 I 8
Student chooses one course from the list:
* Logic programing
* Neural networks
* Advanced Internet Infrastructure
5. Intelligent systems II 7
6. Research Study II 9
7. Master’s Thesis II 14
Total number of ECTS points 60

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