BKF founded a Knowledge Centre in Serbia

BKF University of Applied Sciences, Budapest entered into a strategic cooperation agreement with a Serbian higher education institution, University Business Academy (UBA). BKF’s Knowledge Centre, founded at the end of May, is the cornerstone of the long-term cooperation between the two institutions.

This international agreement covers the exchange of teaching staff and there are plans to launch joint programs in Serbia in English, Serbian and Hungarian.

The Knowledge Centre in Novi Sad is housed in the buildings of FIMEK (Faculty of Economics and Engineering) which will potentially function as a campus and/or a research centre in the future.

UBA is the first accredited private university in Vojvodina. Similarly to BKF, the core values of their teaching practices are education which is modern and reflects market demands, and also international approach.

The signing ceremony of the agreement was attended by CEO Pál István Kiss and General Vice-Rector Árpád Papp-Váry on behalf of BKF, while Owner Marko Caric and Vice Dean Dragan Ilic on behalf of UBA and FIMEK.

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