The Faculty of Economics and Engineering Management in Novi Sad was founded in 2000 under a different name: Faculty for the Education of Graduate Jurists and Economists for Managerial Positions in Novi Sad.

Based on rich academic and professional experience, being a full professor and the Department Chair for Economic and Legal Sciences at the Faculty of Law, University of Novi Sad, as well as a recognized economic consultant, the Faculty founder, Prof. Slavko Carić PhD, implemented the knowledge he had been accumulating for years and created the Faculty for the Education of Graduate Jurists and Graduate Economists.

Wishing to educate professionals who would be able to independently solve complex problems in our economy already during their schooling, and inspired by the experiences of countries that successfully underwent the process of transition, we created a curriculum which enables students to strive towards the development of our economy in a similar way using the acquired methods and the systems of developed countries.

As a support to the curriculum designed in this way, we also adjusted our teaching methods to fit the needs of small, mentoring groups. This approach to teaching process enabled interactivity and a more efficient knowledge transfer.

While defining and structuring the curriculum, the Faculty was led by students’ interests, their orientation towards quality education and professional qualification in the field of economic relations of our country with foreign countries.

In order for our experts to be successful in business in an increasingly dynamic global environment and to actively participate in reviving the market economy of our country, our curriculum was designed in such way that it offered students basic knowledge related to the economy of our country, as a transitional society. Special focus was placed on professional courses related to modern banking, business activities of companies and judiciary system. The curriculum also contained courses that covered the functional area of international law and international community as well as the manner in which international system and globalization influenced our country, economic and legal system. The curriculum also included the courses such as: Fundamentals of Management, Financial Management, Finance and Financial Law.

What contributed to the education of a generation of top professionals was practical work which the Faculty organized on a regular basis in some of the leading banking institutions as well as economic organizations and institutions, thanks to which knowledge gained in lectures and practical classes could be directly applied in practice.

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