From its earliest days till the present, the Faculty of Economics and Engineering Management has developed into a strong autonomous and integrated academic community of teachers, researchers and students incorporated into an international university network.

In perceiving and shaping the future image of our Faculty, the starting point should be an indisputable fact that the Faculty of Economics and Engineering Management has reached a high level in terms of undergraduate education and that students, with their great interest in studying at our Faculty, are the best proof of our high quality programs and teaching processes. Of course, in addition to that, it is necessary to make continuous improvements and innovations in the following period, which would contribute to an even higher quality and further development of the Faculty of Economics and Engineering Management.

With the new cycle of accreditation, the Faculty of Economics and Engineering Management started an all-encompassing reform of teaching activities and many positive steps have already been made by introducing new study programs. Five new study programs have been developed, all of which have been accredited (Ecology at all three study levels – undergraduate academic studies, postgraduate academic studies, doctoral studies as well as distance learning programs in Business Economics and Finance and International Economics and Economic Diplomacy). In addition, Engineering Management in Agriculture is a study program which has been reengineered at all three study levels. As a response to current market demands, our faculty management successfully introduced and received accreditation for a new study program called INFORMATICS- at the levels of undergraduate and master’s studies.

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